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Sexy Tips & Answers to Your Questions!

Click here to go to Kim's Advice Blog which contains the complete list of articles, comments, queries and easy to understand information on sexuality and sexual health.

We’ll put answers to your emailed questions on the blog as well. You’ll have options for audio or video clips if you don’t want to always be reading. Variety is the spice of life! You’ve told us how much you value the education and information about your wonderful body and how it works. You’ve told us how it helps you feel more confident and able to try new things. Sometimes it even opens up the doors of communication between you and your partner - and that’s when the greatest sex begins!

Love isn’t always perfect

As you discover the difference between lust and love, many questions come up. Life won’t always go according to your well-thought out plan and quite often your sex life is one of the first things to go kaput! There are lots of reasons for this. One of my theories is that if we’re in “survival mode” (you know the one where you’re just putting fires out all the time?), our bodies don’t have pro-creation as a main priority. I do believe that the stress reducing and health benefits (click here for the Top 10 Health Benefits of Sex!) of sex are far better for you than the self medication habits of drink, food binges and other destructive behavior. Plus - it’s free!

We’re here to help you!

So let us help you get your Inner Lioness purring again. We’ll post advice for women who are pregnant (comfy intercourse positions), menopausal (where did the wetness go?), experiencing pain during intercourse, and we can even help you correct your leaking bladder!

Lioness is devoted to helping you achieve your sexual goals and dreams. The main issue is usually communication. So please feel free to contribute, learn, explore and enjoy!

No matter where you’re at in your life, your sexuality will evolve and change. A healthy sex life is therefore varied, exciting and anything but boring. It should be spicy enough to satisfy each partner and it should embrace change and new experiences as it evolves. We’ll help you wrap your arms (and your brain) around these changes so that you continue to have the greatest sex of your life!

So check out the Sexy Advice Blog now!

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