In Home Workshops

Lioness In-Home Private S.E.X.Y. Workshop

(Sexual Empowerment for eXtraordinary You!)

Host your own Private S.E.X.Y. Seminar! Those familiar with our Sexual Empowerment Parties know how fabulous an evening of Fun Sex Ed. can be. Join us for the next level of home parties. Get ready for a hilarious, interactive and sensational night with the girls. And relax-there will be no nudity, mirrors, or show and tell. Just some sexy education, fun exercises, lots of laughing and discovery on levels you can only imagine!

These enticing in-home seminars are for groups with a minimum of 8 women. Host an event your friends will talk about for years to come!

Choose from either enticing, titillating and fun-filled option:

Discover G-Spot Heaven for the Best Sex Ever!

(based on Kim’s award winning book!)


Tickle his Pickle – and LOVE doing it!


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Discover G-Spot Heaven for the Best Sex Ever!

It’s your body – don’t you want to know every delicious thing it can do?

It’s time to get all the answers about what, where, when and how the G-Spot works. After this party, your love-life will never be the same!

We’ll explore:

  • your sexual satisfaction

  • the lower heart smile (a tool to get you warmed up anytime, anyplace!)

  • Isis, Kim’s Vulva Puppet

  • the right toys to help you get what you want

  • the joys of female ejaculation

  • the best sexy positions to try

  • the mysterious male g-spot and

  • how to share it all with your partner!

When thinking about your sexuality, ask yourself:

Do you crave a better sexual relationship?
Do you ever wonder: Is that all there is?
Do you long for a deeper erotic experience?

If you said yes, then this S.E.X.Y. private workshop is for you! Sex can be pleasurable, enjoyable and satisfying whether you hit that G-Spot or not. In the end though, it’s well worth the effort to keep looking for the sometimes elusive but always rewarding G-Spot. Don’t deprive yourself of the joy other women experience!

Canada’s foremost sexual educator, Sue Johanson, writes on her web site, Talk Sex, “that every woman who has experienced a G-Spot orgasm has a different way of getting there. But there are common threads through their stories such as being in a high trust relationship, she was very, very sexually aroused, it felt wonderful and that is was the best sex possible.”

Tickle his Pickle – and LOVE doing it!**

Once you master the art of pleasing your man’s penis, as Sadie Allison says (author of Tickle his Pickle), hotter sex is in your hands!

If you want to:

  • develop your oral lovemaking skills

  • learn time honoured advanced sexual techniques

  • be able to use sex toys to drive HIM wild

  • confidently avoid the biggest penis mistakes

  • discover a few sexy and fun tricks to boost your sexual IQ

then this is the workshop for you!

If you want to:

  • become more sexually self-confident

  • explore your sensual self more deeply and

  • discover who you are as woman (not just a mom, sister, daughter, wife or girlfriend)

then call to book your S.E.X.Y. workshop today!

Not all women enjoy oral sex – in fact, some women dread it! If you want a safe place to chat about “do I spit or swallow”, “am I doing it right?” and “what if I don’t want to do it?” then host this workshop where you will discover ALL these answers and many more. The skills, techniques and self-awareness you will take away with you will change your love-life in ways you can’t even imagine yet!

Your man will be amazed at the new you when you unleash your Inner Lioness and have him roaring with pleasure. Let his pleasure turn you both on so you can both get what you want from your lovemaking. Your new skills and sexual confidence will blow him away! You may be pleasantly surprised at what he’s willing to do now to keep YOU satisfied and purring all night.


Time: The best time to suit you and your friends. Expect ½ hour for Kim to set up, 2 hours for the workshop and then time afterwards for fun, sexy shopping. Yes, there will be a selection of appropriate books and other products for you to take home.

Location: In the privacy and comfort of your home. A room that will allow everyone to sit comfortably.
**The Tickle his Pickle workshop requires a flat surface, such as a dining room table that we can sit around, so we can all practice comfortably with our (provided) dongs on the table

Cost: G-Spot is $69 each person (will be collected from the Hostess before starting). Tickle his Pickle is $84 each and you get to keep your own dong (Value $19.95).
Bonus: Hostess receives a party booking bonus gift!
Minimum Guests: Minimum of 8 guests guaranteed by hostess

If you have 12 or more guests, you as the hostess, are free!

A S.E.X.Y. seminar offers you 2 fun-filled hours to help you unleash your sexual power. Get one step closer to reaching your sexual potential – and start having the sex you’ve always dreamed of!

Isn’t it time to break out of the rut and start looking forward to exciting sex again?

Call us today at 250-753-8692 to reserve your spot!

What women like you are saying about the private in-home workshops:

“It was awesome!”
“My favourite part was all the honesty and laughter.”
“I wouldn’t change anything. I always learn something new each time. I loved imagining my future self.”
“My favourite part was the open conversation with my friends about being a woman.”
“It was great to laugh and hang with friends and be able to be honest.”
“I loved having fun and relaxing.”
“I can’t wait to get home and try this!”
“Now I know it’s okay (for sex) to be about me”
“I learned how to communicate my needs and now have the self-confidence to do it!”
“Now I have more power, more confidence”

Call us today at 250-753-8692 to reserve your spot!