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Lioness For Lovers


Kim Switnicki, ACC
 Sex Educator, Author, Speaker,
and Intimacy Coach for Women

  • Do you crave a better sexual relationship?
  • Do you ever wonder: Is that all there is?
  • Do you want to become your loverís fantasy?
  • Do you dare to unleash your inner lioness?


Youíre at the right place!

Iím Kim Switnicki and my goal here is to help you get what you want in the bedroom! Iíve been helping women have better sex for over 30 years. Youíve arrived at my special Ďsexy productsí website devoted to helping you discover sexy toys and other hand selected accessories to super-charge your relationship and have better sex! Some of these products such as books, audios and DVDs I have created myself to help you find the missing pieces to your sexual puzzle.

With Lioness for Lovers, Your Bedroom Will NEVER Be The Same!

If you want to know how I use coaching, programs, classes and events to help you break through your sexual barriers and find out exactly what you need to do, step by step to have more orgasms, increase your sexual desire, learn specific sexual techniques or become more comfortable with your body in and out of the bedroom, go to my website at

For more information about me whether to speak at your event or to see me in the media, please go to my main website at

To get exactly what you want from your sex life with communication tips or sexy new techniques, sign up for your free report in the box at the top right because you also receive my newsletter which will give you all this and more. The Top 10 Ways I have chosen for this report may surprise you. Because my passion is helping women like you get what you want in the bedroom, I am also including a free one hour audio explaining my theories with easy ways for you to start making simple changes tonight. Use my 30 plus years of helping women have great sex to improve the quality of what YOU do in the bedroom. Youíll be amazed at how you start to FEEL when you do it and how others see you when you start reaching towards your sexual potential.

The Shop for Products link on the menu will take you directly to my secure shopping cart where you can safely choose excellent quality sex toys for one or for two, books to get your creative juices flowing, games to add some fun back to lovemaking, lotions and potions from the superb Kama Sutra line as well as the best flavored lubricant I have found, and other sexy items designed to help you achieve ultimate pleasure.!

What you wonít find

If youíre looking for links or to purchase pornography in any form (books, XXX videos, or pictures), youíve come to the wrong place! If youíre looking for someone to come or watch live sexual acts or display nudity, youíve come to the wrong place. If you want phone sex (while highly recommended for consenting adults in relationship), youíve come to the wrong place. So please click here to exit.

What You Get

Iím not here to waste your valuable time on fads, hype or gimmicks. Iím not here to offer inferior or the cheapest products. I offer you something different! You will discover tools to help you make a lasting change in the way you view your sexual and sensual self. PLUS if you go to my website you will find the support (with classes, programs, events and coaching) to help you introduce these tools into your relationship, use the tools you have acquired and learn what other tools will help make you the sexiest handy woman in the bedroom.


Kim Switnicki, ACC
 Sex Educator, Author, Speaker,
and Intimacy Coach for Women







“Top 10 Ways To Be a Sexier, More Confident Woman!”
Youíll get my 17 page report PLUS a 60 minute audio recording where I go into detail on each point so you know exactly what you can do to re-ignite your inner sensuality. PLUS youíll receive Unleash Your Inner Lioness, my newsletter for any woman who craves an exhilarating sexual relationship and wants to rediscover the passion in their sex life. Start tonight!



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Great Sex For Hard Times

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There you can learn about her programs and classes, public events, how you can have Kim as your personal coach and more. Take the next step on your path to reaching your sexual potential and having the sex life you finally deserve! 


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